Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Bubble Is Burst

Belle is no longer the ideal cow. She laid down yesterday right before I went to milk, and it was quite the task to get her back on her feet. She dances now almost constantly, moving forward, moving backwards, refusing to walk to the fence where I can milk her easily.

And tonight she kicked my bucket. A quart or so of milk, spilled into my shoe and all over the ground. I hate waste! (And squishy shoes aren't my favorite, either.)

I spent three milking sessions feeding both babies, while we drank through the milk in the fridge. Now I wonder if I should have cut the boy off earlier: two years of scarcity makes me quite parsimonious. And knowing that Belle might kick over her production: that makes me downright grumpy.

Happily, we found three eggs today, for the first time since Saturday, eggs from both batches of chickens. That's encouraging!

And while Phil is working hard, the boys and I continue to get along. Some days they want to do a few hours of math (the boys beg to keep going in their Life of Fred books); some days I read to them. And some days I moan to myself and they read Calvin and Hobbes together, or jump on the trampoline, or draw or build Legos. I have my moments and hours of capability now. Looking back, I've had alternating good and bad days for about the last week. How exciting to have a few good days now! It reminds me that some day I will feel okay again almost every day.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better, well sometimes at least.
    I found this winter , that if I wanted eggs, the girls had to have a 16% protein mix. It's expensive, but we got eggs. I don't know how you'd get there without soy either...but we wanted eggs so..!
    Keep going with Belle, win each battle/ encounter and she'll settle down.Try to avoid bog dog scenes etc, they all get jumpy if there are things going on around them that they don't expect. I know you know all that but...

    1. The soy-free feed has field peas, I think, which are $$$. Isaiah found where the bulk of chickens had been laying today (yay!), but I will have to remember to keep the protein up. Calcium, too--we forget to stock up on those calcium bits sometimes.

      Since I milk Belle right next to the trampoline, your comment reminded me to make sure the boys stay still and not jump a few feet from where she's milking! Went much better yesterday.

  2. Hi Amy! I am interested in the Life of Fred books... Do you think they would be good for Olivia (3rd grade). She struggles in math. She is currently using Teaching Textbooks 3 and has zero confidence in her ability to do it. I am looking for something to reinforce basic math skills and help boost her confidence in her ability to do it!
    Mandy Blank

  3. Mandy, I think Olivia would love LOF. Did I hear you are expecting again? Or were expecting and now enjoying? With four children to enjoy them, I would just start at Apples and order what you can. I think I ordered four the first time and we got through those in a few weeks, so I ordered the next four. There are 13 now, I think, in the elementary series, which should last the student until at least 5th grade. They are printed and bound well, and should last at least through this round of children, and maybe grandchildren, too.

    I like to read them to the boys, and then we do the problems together either verbally or on paper.

    Ideally, the student reads through them a couple of times, and Jadon is on his second or third round, and Isaiah and I have done the first ten books twice.

    1. Thank you! I am going to order them tonight! We did the sample lesson today and they both really liked it. They had tons of questions about Fred, who is he, why is he small, why does he sleep under a desk... such girls!
      We are having another one, sometime in October. The ultrasound tech at my 13 week appointment said 80% sure it's a boy. Jeff is very excited!
      Congratulations to you, too. When are you due?