Friday, November 15, 2013

Minimalist Books?

Although we've owned it for a few years, we had never played Bananagrams. Perhaps that was out of respect for Phil (and, now, Abraham), for whom bananas are almost that-which-shall-not-be-named. Phil was away a few nights ago, though, so Jadon, Isaiah, and I played. (Abraham looked the other way.) I was quite impressed by Jadon's word choices. Although he did spell "gels," "eddy," "ruff," and "dell" incorrectly, the fact that he thought of those words ... as I said, I was impressed. Not to mention the properly spelled "vixens" (thank you, Bill Watterson, for Calvin's request for Venusian Vampire Vixens).

We had a good time. I would play again, even!

The first week of life, Caleb wasn't very spitty. After a doctor's appointment, though, it seemed like he became a good bit more spitty, until I started to wonder if he was going to be a geyser forever.

Joe was spitty, too. Well, he actually was a projectile vomiter, and the midwife grew concerned because he wasn't gaining weight. His spits were foul smelling, but the moment I quit eating dairy, he quit spitting.

Caleb doesn't projectile vomit, and it doesn't smell bad. But it just burbles out. And out. And out. Poor baby!

I was preparing to give up dairy again, when I thought to check online.

One of the recommendations was to make sure you don't press on the belly. That was a light bulb moment—I had watched the doctor put Caleb's diaper on more tightly than I had been. This was back in the days of horrid Huggies, and I figured a tighter diaper might help with the leaks. But that was a definite mechanical change after week one.

So I've loosened the diapers. And I've tried to make sure I burp the baby a few times while he eats. And though he's not entirely spit-free, it's been an impressive reduction.

And I dare say, even with the spits, he's not languishing in skinny-baby land.

I have spent hours this week working on book repairs. And I read about a family that minimalized the things in their life. I think, in some ways, we've been forced into that: now seven people in 224 square feet does not allow for lots of extraneous possessions. But looking at the books has made me really assess the collection.

I don't think I'll ever be a minimalist in books. In part because I'm not a fan of the library (I've reviewed too many books and looked through hundreds of book catalogs—I have a good idea what's on the shelves, and I'm not impressed, not to mention the stress of remembering to return the books: at least a 40 minute round-trip drive). In part because I will have at least five sons who need a variety of reading material. In part because, once I find a book friend, I don't want to turn the friend out. I want it near me!

Phil and our electrician friend worked on wiring all day yesterday. Phil had a few days this week working on engineering and visiting friends and family. I think he felt like it was a vacation.


  1. 10 days without a post...hoping all i well.

  2. I feel the same way about my beloved books! Hope all is well and you're warm!