Sunday, June 8, 2014


Saturday a week ago, I went to a baby shower for friends. What a blessing, to talk and laugh for four hours or so.

Sunday a week ago, Phil started to feel a little under the weather. He went to a homeopath while in Colorado, and we weren't sure if he was catching what Joe caught, or something from travel, or if he ate something that gave him a migraine ... it was a bit mysterious. But he hung in there for our friend's birthday, that we celebrated for eight hours (with some Bible study thrown in). The line that resonates for me from that day was, as I understand it, a quote from a Roman Caesar: “Christians rise before dawn and pray to Jesus as if he were a god.”

By Monday, Phil was in bad shape. He had an engineering deadline that he had to meet, but he could hardly manage. He did what he could and then he went to bed.

Jadon celebrated his birthday that day. He had a great day. We usually open some presents first thing, so the birthday boy gets to enjoy what he has on his birthday.

He also had a pleasant treat, in that my parents arrived, too. Games of strategy with Grandpa, talking to Grandma ... they had a good day.

And for dinner, we had a party so my parents could meet my closest friends here. We had a beautiful time of sharing late into the night.

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