Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bathing Bummer

Phil chipped in the lower pasture. It was a normal day chipping: boys shoveled yesterday's chips out of the truck; Jadon went down with Phil until they came up for a break and the truck got stuck; the chipper had a piece keep falling off.

By dusk, Phil came up, smelling of some petroleum product (or several), excited to bathe. Our water lines had finally thawed as we broke freezing today (yay!), and so we did the dishes and the boys bathed while Phil made dinner.

Isaiah always bathes last. He is famous in our family for his 45 minute showers. I'm not sure what he does in the bathroom all that time. I know that he sat in front of the heater for about ten minutes, drying off, before he started getting dressed.

A 45 minute shower really depletes our hot water, though, so rather than showering right after Isaiah, Phil waited a bit.

Dutiful Isaiah turned off the space heater in the RV. We've been eating in the trailer this week, and Isaiah had no way to know that the heater has been running 24 hours a day this wekk, trying to keep the lines thawed. Usually we view untended space heaters as a liability, and so he followed proper energy conservation and fire danger practices when he left the trailer to come and read with me and the brothers before bed.

When Phil headed over shortly afterwards, he found the RV dark and cold. And frozen.

Poor guy!

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