Friday, January 18, 2013

The Next Adventure

Rain, along with some enormous, fluffy snow, fell all day yesterday. At least four days running. By the end of the day, the cows were miserable, and so they burst out of their confines to wander the orchard. Phil closed the gate across the driveway, but they had more interest in the hay in the blue building than pines across the street. Since the almost-four inches of rain had left the ground sopping, sucking-mud, Phil did what he could to make the barn hospitable, and left them for the night.

I opened my eyes to sunshine this morning. Sun! We happened to be in Colorado for their week of extreme January cold (high of 6), and since the sky has done nothing but precipitate on us since our return, I welcomed the cheery sun.

Phil had to corral the cows. I knew that some boxes we shipped from Colorado might arrive today, and we needed the gate open (good thing, as the four boxes did arrive in the afternoon). He set up the new cow pen next door, walked the cows over to it, and brought them food and water.

For me, I've been working, getting ready for the next adventure. I have been longing for more learning lately, even looking at an MFA in creative writing. Really, though, I can't imagine going back to an environment of term papers, exams, group projects, and class discussions.

My sister has encouraged me for months (years?) to become a homeopath, and I have mentioned my wish (several years running now) to pursue natural healing. I checked naturopath schooling, and that was about as overwhelming as going back to med school. Chiropractor school, too, is too much in both cost and time. Various herbal schools and courses have tempted me, but as much as I enjoy reading herbal books and making herbal remedies, if I have a problem, I never go to my tinctures. I go to my homeopathic kit.

My one look online at homeopathic schools overwhelmed me. Many classical homeopaths appear to study in India. That wasn't going to happen! But after my wonderful appointment with the homeopath in Colorado, I investigated correspondence courses again, and found one that seems suited to where I am in life. My sister, too, has become such a homeopathy advocate that I suggested she try the course, too.

So yesterday we both signed up. A new adventure! A new course of learning.

When will I find the time to study? Hmm. I will need to continue to delegate, I think!

We are both excited!

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