Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Blossoms

Feeling a little better today, I went out to see if anything besides daffodils were blooming. I even took photos, but my download cord is very buried on my desk; sometime I will dig myself out, and catch up on photos and filing and everything else.

Peaches are showing pink bud tips; plums are showing white buds. I am thankful they didn't open already: we had a heavy snow fall on Sunday.

Besides odd precipitation, the temperatures have remained stubbornly low, too low for Phil to get many hours in with block in any given day. His window of warmness is about five hours, and he plugs away during that time, but we both wish he could do more.

He finished laying the bond beam blocks on the top today, and did two bags of mortar, which filled a surprising length: the short west side and perhaps a quarter of the longer north side. We can hope for tomorrow to be the end (finally) of those two walls.

Phil's parents came out on Sunday. They arrived in a heavy snowstorm. The power went out in the night, so the morning was chilly in the motor home for them (well, chilly for all of us). It has been a great blessing to have them here: we've eaten more than just hotdogs and cold cuts. The boys have gone on walks with Grandma, picking up trash. Jadon my game lover gets to play plenty.

And every night the boys show Grandma and Grandpa another favorite movie. Tonight they are watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The boys watched this last week, and, perhaps because of their homeschooling, they found it hysterical. They were up until 11pm quoting and requoting their favorite lines. Which was pretty much the whole movie.

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