Thursday, June 13, 2013

All Concrete Complete

Neither of us were eager to get up this morning, but the cool 6am air was perfect. The day dawned overcast, too, so for the hours Phil worked doing the final two batches of concrete, all was well. Just ... tired.

I think at right about 10am, he called it quits. I had been tracking the oncoming storm, and it looked touch and go. Phil cleaned everything up one last time. He showered off. Then we received delivery of some final wood pieces that had inadvertently been left in the yard yesterday (the delivery man yesterday was surprised that that had happened—just one of those random things).

Then Phil took the mixer back, and they graciously only charged us for one day. Phil wasn't going to ask because, he said reasonably, I don't know if I would have had the energy to do two more batches, even if the machine had been working well the whole time. So that was more than generous.

Right around the time he got home, I realized that I needed to recover some of the wood and newly cover the new delivery. While I was finishing up, Phil came and put a pallet down for extra protection. He was carrying a second pallet when the skies opened. There was the predicted rain!

It's been an interesting storm. Quite intermittent, about 10 seconds of hail, a few good gusts so far, but only a split second of power loss (thankfully!).

It has been almost eight months since we poured the first bit of concrete for a foundation. How amazing to think that the concrete is done.

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