Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning: One Room

Isaiah regularly says that he can't wait to get out of the trailer, mostly because he wants to have a clean space. He idealizes the thought of wiping down everything and starting fresh. Okay, so I can relate.

Today, facing yet another day of rain, the boys and I did spring cleaning in the bedroom. Our trailer has started to smell REALLY musty, so Phil took all the sleeping bags and sheets and pillows to be washed. The boys and I got some water with Basic H and hand towels, and we wiped down the bedroom surfaces. I had them wipe their sleeping mats, and their bunk beds. Then Abraham washed the door, and Isaiah washed another door, and Joe enjoyed the door jambs and the wall.

That went well until someone knocked over the filthy orange water, right before I went to change it. Incredibly, knowing how much stuff was on the floor, very little was wet (maybe one hardcover book), but it felt a bit overwhelming in the moment, watching the orange water run all over the freshly washed floor, under the dresser, up to the carpet.

So all the boys went to do the laundry with Phil. I feel pretty good about the bedroom. Most of the stuff has been sorted, most of the books read multiple times to vet them, most of the clothes looked at.

In farming news, Belle has come a long way from two months ago, when she politely refused to stand when pressured. Tonight she was lying down ruminating at the far side of her pen in the orchard. She saw me coming and stood up and walked the 240' to me.

Good girl!

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