Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Bit of Roof Support

Phil headed down to start the second level. He remeasured the column and realized it was about a half inch too low. This isn't a huge deal, except that during the construction process, all water will run to right there. So he shimmed up the column. When I asked if this was a problem he said, "That's why all houses have trim: to disguise the little adjustments."
With the center beam hoisted into place and screwed together, he put up the upper level equivalent of rimboard along two walls. The upper joists abut this rimboard on the north side.
We plan to put a greenhouse on top, so the south side has joists extend a bit over the edge of the wall. The view from below is quite the optical illusion: they are both exactly 3'3" from the sill plate, but one looks a good bit further out.
By early afternoon, he had a few joists in place even, hammering all himself, as there isn't enough scaffolding to go around. I was happy to let him.
And then the deluge started again, cutting off work by 2 or 3pm.

It's exciting to see the progress, but too bad to keep having truncated work days.

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