Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four Year Retrospective

A year ago, I wrote about our progress, and, rereading that post now, I sounded glum. I said to the boys today, "What have we accomplished this year?" And sweet Abraham said, "Are you kidding? Look at how much Dad has built!"

So in the last year, Phil finished the blue barn, which is now filled to the bursting, and which we use every day. What a blessing to have that done.

And the structure started last September is not done, but definitely progressing well.

We have a freezer of beef, fresh milk every day, and a new baby coming. Despite my reaching what felt like rock bottom last fall, I think I've more or less recovered my equilibrium emotionally. (At least now, if I feel like nothing much is happening, I can blame it on pregnancy hormones.)

I don't know that our farm plan long term has stayed the same from one quarter to the next, but we have options going forward, and those are all sort of ancillary to the big push to finish our structure.

I'm happy to be studying homeopathy in my spare time. I'm happy to be teaching the boys, and for them to be growing into good young men.

This is not a bad place to be.


  1. Glad that this year's retrospective is so much more look wonderful too. Hopefully by the last few months the weather won't be so hot and you will be more comfortable!

  2. Thank you! I don't necessarily feel more upbeat, but maybe more realistic ... if you do what you can, it's all you can do, right? I went in to the greenhouse today and looked at the absolute thicket that the blackberries have become, at the weeds over my head, and the comfrey that is enormous and ready for transplanting, but it's not really a sign of failure so much as just not a priority. Someday, hopefully, we'll have a lovely, staked blackberry patch (not in the greenhouse, too!), but until then, no need to beat myself up over that "failure."

    That's a more healthy perspective, I think.