Saturday, July 13, 2013

Re-Joisting, er, Rejoicing

Phil was up and out before I woke up. He had a friend from church coming to help him, and so he prepped first with the rest of the waterproofing. Once that was done, he put down the rest of the top flashing and foam, put up the rest of the sill plate. When the friend came, I had a fun afternoon listening to them talking away, while they finished the center beam, and put up five more of the rimboards.

Then they put all the holders up, and put up all the joists.
I had fallen asleep for a couple of hours, and I came out to find the joists all done.
Much thanks to Amy and their four young ones for letting Andy come down for eight hours (Andy, too, of course, but I remember the times Phil would head out on his Saturday to help someone from church and I would have another day alone with the children, so I relate more to the wife's sacrifice).

Within twenty minutes of Andy's departure, a light rain began to fall, along with a rainbow. Sometime after 10pm, we had a heavy rain commence. Not too many more days until the roof makes the rain no longer a problem.


  1. It looks awesome! Andy was so thrilled you said you took pictures because he wanted to show me all they had done. With pictures it sure makes more sense :)