Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crawl Space Work Continues

Phil has made good progress this week on his crawl space project.

He also drilled through the exterior block at one point.

He's had some fun with soldering. He had a moment on Tuesday where two pieces that should have been easy to separate simply would not. We figure they must have been defective, but that spoiled a mostly happy day.

I think that invisible project is almost done, so that is good.


I had a midwife appointment today. I must have been extremely low in iron before, because I realized today that I have more energy than I've had in many weeks. I am no longer narcoleptic, and except for singing on Sunday, I really don't get out of the breath (the midwife said I probably wasn't breathing from my diaphragm, which would explain the lightheadedness). Just to make sure, though, she did another blood draw. Just looking at it, she said, "Oh, this looks much better. Before it was light and rather watery, but this is nice, rich blood."

Besides taking liquid iron, a beet blood builder tablet, and two tablespoons of chlorophyll daily, I've kept up with my pate. The midwife suggested an Asian sandwich, made with pate on bread, then layered with some fermented vegetables (kimchee), cilantro, and meat. It's an unusual combination, but I don't find it offensive. I probably wouldn't opt for it normally, but it certainly feels healthy.

I asked her to try to check where my placenta is located, because with Jadon I had a partial previa (where the placenta covers the birth canal). With Jadon it moved up as the pregnancy progressed, but I would prefer to know about a previa now, because that would necessitate a hospital birth, I believe. It was interesting: she put on her stethoscope. The baby has a distinctive, quick heartbeat. The placenta has an Amy-paced heartbeat, maybe half the speed of the baby's. And where there is no baby heart and no placenta, the space is silent. So it was pretty obvious where the placenta was: on the left hand side, up around my belly button.


When I came home from my appointment, the boys were down with Phil in the building. They had pulled out their blocks and train tracks, and had taken up an entire room with intricate track patterns. It's been a long time since they did train tracks under cover: they haven't done much with trains for the last few years, because trying to balance everything on the gravel is a challenge. I always like it when the boys play well together.

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