Monday, September 2, 2013

Third Time's the Charm

Although the thermometer said only 86 today, the scorching sun and the extreme humidity meant that it was hard to keep the body's core temperature down. Phil needed to move the cows to the neighbor's land to the south, and he did it in stages, soaking through clothes and showering off the sweat and grass after every stage. He ate popsicles, but he said his core temperature didn't finally come down until late in the day, when he filled the tub with cold water and just sat until he felt normal again.

He combined the two calves with the rest of the herd. They weren't really sure about where to go as the herd moved into the neighbor's land, but with a little quick footwork he managed to direct them where they needed to go. I think they'll be far happier in the long run, not roaming free or penned to keep them from going to the neighbor's lawn.

It was about 5:30 before that project was finally done. Happily, he spent the next two and a half hours very profitably—he got the final single window in, the window that has twice before given him fits. He had to scrape away adhesive stuck to the bottom of the window from a previous attempt. This time, we dry set the window before squirting the adhesive. Once we knew for sure that it fit, then he pulled the window out and put down final adhesive.

It was interesting to watch: he put in about fourteen shims on the inside, every few inches along the vertical parts. He said that he had not shimmed the previous two windows quite as well, as he hadn't fully understood the directions. This doesn't make a difference from waterproofing, but the shims do help keep the window square, which ensures that the window will be able to open and close easily. In any case, I'm glad he had two practice windows before he installed this one in the direction of the prevailing storms. He did that on purpose.

What a great relief to have that stinker done!

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