Saturday, September 28, 2013

Metal Building's Addition

Phil and Jadon worked on putting the meter box up on the outside of the building. Using something called "unistrut," Phil was able to attach it. It is different to have our beautiful blue building now with a grey meter box mounted, but I am looking forward to consolidating all the electricity in one place.

Jadon, under Phil's direction, cooked some rib eyes for dinner. The flavor was good, but it took me about an hour—and almost some tears—to cut them. They had so much gristle/silverskin/fat. After Jadon was done, we turned the heat on for showers and within a few seconds, we had run out of propane.

It was 6:35, and we realized that the closest store wouldn't close until 7, so Phil grabbed the propane and made it there in time. We will go to bed clean tonight. Phew!

Last night while Phil was in town, I had a moment of panic where I thought I was in labor. To calm myself down, I went and read about the difference between real contractions and fake contractions, and was relieved to realize that I was definitely having fakes. As I was looking for the comparison, I noticed that the book mentioned the nesting instinct, and that women near the end will spruce up their environment.

That sure happened today. The reality of a new little person joining us soon has not fully sunk in, and I looked around the living area today and realized that I have piles of books, piles of papers, piles on the coffee table. This is not clean enough to welcome a new life! Not to mention the embarrassment of company, should I accidentally have to deliver here. The horror!

So I found a few boxes and put some books in storage. I started to sort papers.

I'm not done yet, but it was a good bit of nesting. I can even see a bit of my coffee table top!

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