Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monday: Closing In on Tasks

Phil did a lot of little things on Monday. He did the final seal on the rubber membrane on all sides possible and the corners.
Then he rearranged and more or less finalized the double layer of insulation on the roof, then covered that with eco fabric to keep the insulation in good shape.

He also finished the long north side's gravel, and backfilled almost to the corner.
Any further and he would have been sending earth over the ungraveled west side. And he piled up earth along the 16' of insulation already in place vertically.
The enormous mound has diminished significantly!
Then Phil went to work on framing.

The boys had a good time playing around him. Isaiah found a toad.
And Joe and Isaiah then went up on the roof and were having a good time together.

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