Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday's Figuring

I wanted to say a bit more about the pocket doors, those interesting doors that slide into the wall. We bought a kit with metal columns and a track along the top. The drywaller will eventually just drywall over it, and then we put in a regular interior door, just with a different knob. Pretty cool!
Phil worked on framing more on Wednesday. He did the last two main walls that run north-south.
But when those were done, we needed to figure out how to subdivide the space between.
We know, roughly, how large to make the three spaces we need. But to actually get the space done, to the inch—that required some more research and thought.

And I think I've reached the point of pregnancy where my brain goes into overload very easily. Phil will start talking about some decision he needs to make, and I feel my eyes glaze over.

While working in there, we've had black buzzing insects hang around. The noise was so constant, we finally noticed the cylindrical tubes of mud they have constructed on our joists, in at least three places. That didn't take them long. I think they are the black mud-daubers. Happily, no stings yet. But what to do before we get drywall installed? I'd hate to spray poison. I don't know. Maybe dress up in bee protection and manually remove? Ugh either way.

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