Friday, August 23, 2013

Some Days Things Go Well

And some days they don't.

Yesterday, Phil went to try to install the window, take two. He pulled out the wood, cut what he could salvage down to size, and basically got it all ready.

Only for it to be a bust once again. I don't know exactly what happened: there was something there about the poured concrete bond beam being just a bit concave and holding water, which is no good, especially on the side of the prevailing winds; something about other wooden pieces being a disaster; something about the waterproofing getting all torn up, and not having extra on hand.

It was definitely a blue day. And though he could do some layout, looking ahead to the future, the overall day was a bust. Grumpy attitudes all around.

And today it rained (again). Phil is discouraged by how quickly the crawlspace, which had finally dried out, filled up again. We suspect that this is an issue of imperfect backfilling: the slope currently runs towards the structure, which would make water seep under the foundation. When the mud goes down, he plans to cut a trench somewhere in order to increase drainage.

I would not have guessed that we would again be dealing with rain delays. But the next two projects, exterior windows and doors, and work in the crawl space, both require a pretty high degree of dryness.

It is, perhaps, infinitely more frustrating to have had three beautiful days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, that could have been spent in a dry crawl space, that instead were spent indoors doing engineering.

I know that perseverance is a virtue, as is patience. As is thanksgiving! But I am finding myself in short supply on every one right now.


  1. Order cocoa nibs, add coconut oil and then any combination of nuts, dried fruit eg goji, golden gooseberry, raspberry and sweetener, maple syrup or agave. That will solve many of life's problems especially at 30 plus weeks.....

  2. The items I don't have in my kitchen I have on my shopping list.

  3. I cup nibs to 2 TBSP coconut oil. I add a cup of nuts to all mine but be creative. I fusing agave 2 TBSP is ample, you'll need more if maple syrup. Obviously blend until you have the consistency you like. Keep in fridge as coconut oil has such a high melting point. ENJOY!!!