Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 5: Mr. Fix-It

Phil has been playing Mr. Fix-It. I love that the honey-do list is shrinking rapidly.

He finished the transition from floor to tile, so expertly that it needs no extra transition piece.

We have an access hatch in the bedroom for the crawlspace. The crawlspace has seen plenty of action, and so a large space at the bedroom entry has been left cork underlayment and plywood. Pretty nasty to walk on, but not a high priority fix.

To finish that one spot required taking up the floor in half the room. So we moved the bed and dresser and assorted piles, and Phil figured out how to finish the floor.

He put the final knob on his dresser.

He fixed the wardrobe door, broken these last four years. What a thrill!

And he's been researching greenhouses.

To keep himself mentally alert, Phil listened to something fun. When I was a college student, Don and Wendy Everts were my mentors, and some of my favorite people. Don has written several well-received books, and he speaks on occasion on how to minister to the post-modern generation. Phil randomly, happily, came across some lectures online, and he played them while he worked. It has been a joy to hear Don's voice again.

I finished watching the Piano for Quitters DVD. The instructor taught the various chords, and said that all music is based on these simple patterns. It was fascinating then to look up online Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. The Prelude begins, yes, with a broken C chord, and goes on from there. A page that looks like an overwhelming amount of sixteenth notes should, I think, eventually resolve into fairly easy patterns to play.

How excellent to have the internet, where sheet music and recordings are available at any time.

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