Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday: Redeeming the Time

On Tuesday, Phil was up early, ready to work on his compost pile all day. Instead, on the third load of the day, he ruined the band. (I asked him about it: he had loaded the spreader more than needed, and he had tilted it. The band caught and tore before he could stop it.)

So he switched to working on the soffit. I am happy enough for that: the exposed underside is aesthetically unappealing.

And water runs down and wicks back and needs a better removal system.

It's been on the list for some time. In lieu of other tasks, today is the day.

We started to pick asparagus from our land! Started from seed in 2010, we finally have had enough to harvest for a good meal!

I had a friend come down and hang out in the evening. We walked the land: visited Gracie Lou's grave. The daffodils must have bloomed around her grave without any eyes to see, but, unlike the tree that falls in the forest, I think those blooms were seen.

On Wednesday, Phil worked on the soffit until he finished it. He wandered the orchard and actually took inventory. There were a few of the 29 varieties that had no survivors. It is time to put some of that land to better use. Surprisingly for me, some of the lower levels of the orchard, with what seemed the least profitable soil and the worst sunlight, were actually doing the best: the fewest deaths, the largest trees.

That might be because of rootstocks. Or something else. There is so much we don't know.

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