Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 12: Long-Awaited Delivery

Late Tuesday night after so many successful tractor trips around the farm, Phil drove into the dark barn. Sadly, he didn't see the hay spear, and it punctured a front tractor tire. "It's always something," he said.

We had replaced that tire last year, but it had a pinhole leak already. I'm not sad that Phil will not have to use the air compressor daily to get the tractor functioning, but it is a bit of a bummer to have to buy a new tire. Thankfully it was a front, less-expensive one. He drove up to town this morning and dropped it off.

We were finally receiving the furniture we bought back on President's Day. We've cancelled the deliveries each week because of inclement weather, but today we hoped the weather would work out. Scattered showers were predicted. Our space was empty and ready.

Jadon sat in the van from 11:40 until after 4pm, waiting for the delivery guys. He's been reading The Three Musketeers, so it wasn't wasted time for him. But, oh, to have a delivery actually made within the time specified—that hasn't happened in our memory.

There were, indeed, scattered showers all day, but the actual delivery was dry. An hour later, we had our first deluge of the year, so perfect timing, really.

What a different look, to have that piece of furniture in place.

Abraham and Joe immediately gathered blankets and pillows and made themselves comfortable. We moved to Virginia when Joe was not quite 1, and he has no memory of having such a piece of furniture.

We are taking professional photos tomorrow, so the boys had a final practice session. I think it might be hopeless. Of the several dozen, this one is marginally the best of them all.

I do like this one with Abraham happily holding the baby. Caleb doesn't look so happy.

And, yes, moments later that face turned terribly sad. It is, perhaps, unkind of me to laugh at Caleb's distress, but it is such a terribly pathetic sad face, and he makes it so rarely, I laugh every time. Then I comfort him.

In the evening, it was so crazy windy that insulation blew off the roof and bent the chimney pipe. It was so loud I wondered if a cow had gotten loose and ran around up there.

Joe continued to enjoy the loveseat.

And isn't that a lovely photo of Joe? And you want another, closer up?

I can do that!

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