Friday, February 1, 2013

A Back to Bed Day

Poor Phil! The string of unfortunate incidents continued today. The ground froze overnight, but the steep slope had thawed just enough that the truck got stuck halfway up. No matter—he intended to saw today.

The sawmill's battery has needed to be jumped the last few days. And again today—we need a new battery. No matter: we have a van that Phil uses to jump it.

Phil sawed an 8' log. Hmm. The fuel line was leaking. So he went to check the owner's manual, knowing the whole time that there isn't a parts list. He did what he could, slowing the trickle to a drip, but besides being wasteful and stinky, who wants gas on their lumber?

Then he went to get one of the 16' logs. The tractor can only lift 1000 pounds, and those 16' logs would not budge. Aaahhhh! That would require dragging the log near the mill, then hoisting one end, then the other. Possible, but really annoying.

So he called the mill manufacturers. They'll try to find a parts list to mail him; whenever that arrives, then he can order the part. Ridiculous. Infuriating. Nothing we can do.

Rather than go back to bed, he headed to do some errands. The bright spot in his life was that, because our local cell tower is going to be decommissioned soon, we need a new service provider. We tried a flip-top phone, but the service here wasn't as good as we'd prefer. So today he got iPhone.

I'm a technophobe, and not a fan of smart phones as a rule, but I must say—two bars of reception inside the motor home—that's amazing. Usually if we get a call there, we dash outside while we say hello, and hope the call doesn't drop on us as we head outside. To actually have service there seems incredible.

Cute packaging, too!

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