Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We (Almost) Get a Bed to Ourselves

Joe, at four, has looked longingly at his brother's beds. Yesterday I finally pulled down the three bulb crates where the older three brothers keep their treasures (Joe has a separate box), returning the upper bunk space to a bed. For the moment, the crates sit, stacked, in front of my dresser. It's a good thing I keep my workday clothes on a shelf.

Joe was entirely enamored of this new space. He got an air mattress and a pillow and his frog blanket, and he was set for the night.

But when he hopped down for the second time to hug me and give me a kiss goodnight, I suspected that severing himself from the parent bed would not be as easy as I'd hoped.

"Joe, do you want to sleep next to me tonight?"

His eyes filled with tears. "I thought my bed would just be for resting."

Someday we will have a bed to ourselves. Someday even a bedroom! But for now, I'll keep my little kicking heater and be content.

The weather has been quite variable lately: if not snow, then perhaps a deluge that made Phil hurry to put away all the mill and accoutrements. As soon as all was buttoned up, the rain stopped. It happens.

If it's wet and cold, Phil saws for our friend. If it's sunny and nice (today! Finally!) he lays block. When he left off last Friday, the space was coming along.

And 45 blocks more today (748 total thus far) means the wall gets ever closer.

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