Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Wall Done

I've had two boys with the vomits this week (happily it was the two oldest, who manage to take care of themselves pretty well). Phil had a low grade version of the sickness yesterday, just enough to keep him laid low.

Happily, he was ready to go again today. He finished the first wall!

Then he moved over to the third corner, the corner that has given him nothing but fits.

Happily, he had little problem today. Though dark fell before he had finished (and I didn't get a photo of the progress on that corner), I think we were both encouraged. To have that corner up above the grade: it's coming along!

I peeked at some of the growth. I found catkins on a hazelnut bush.

And another hazelnut bush had teeny red blossoms.

And some of the blueberries have buds swelling. (I should really start planting blueberries and blackberries.)

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