Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 16: "Six Week" Appointment

I had my "six week" midwife appointment today. It's a joke because we kept scheduling it and having things come up. So it's really more like a 14 week visit.

Caleb is far too big for the infant scale, but, as near as we can tell from using an adult scale, he is 16 pounds, 2 ounces. That is impressive, at three months! Considering I have a niece who, at age two, is barely over 20 pounds, Caleb is definitely doing well in the weight department. No wonder he outgrew another three cute footie pajamas today. He is flying through these sweet little clothes!

Sometime around 4:15am, Phil got up to start chores. The ground is still frozen at 4:15, so he brought hay to the cows. He left at 5:30am for a meeting, then from there bought some supplies at Lowe's and took the car in for its state-mandated inspection. I am thankful he was feeling well enough to go.

When he came home, he installed the double doors in front of the washer and dryer. (I fell asleep last night, listening to my new servants "Dryer" and "Dishwasher," and was so thankful for their efforts on my behalf. But I digress.) Somehow we ended up with a good many extra handles, so he put handles on the doors, too.

Then he installed a door to the bedroom. I haven't had a door on my own bedroom in four and a half years. I was helping in some small capacity (holding the door shut with a finger, while Phil shimmed it from the other side, I think) and I stood there, in my bedroom, with a closed door, and it made me well up with tears. Privacy is precious. I don't think I realized how deeply I missed it.

Although he tried three times from scratch, he never could get the door to stay shut on its own. I don't know if most doors will stay shut without a handle to help them latch; ours does not. So I don't have a fully private bedroom, yet, but it is coming.

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