Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Laying Tile, Part I

Caleb appears to be teething. I laughed one evening last week when I noticed that his shirt was wet to his navel. That was an overnight change. He figured out how to hold a chew toy today.

He is one strong baby. Phil put his pointer fingers in Caleb's hands while Caleb was lying down. Caleb held on, and raised his head off the ground, and Phil gently pulled and Caleb went into a sitting and then standing position. If Caleb sees us coming to pick him up, he lifts his head eagerly. He loves to sit in the Johnny-jump-up and watch the brothers playing. He jumps so that both feet leave the ground.

Phil and Isaiah worked on installing tile today. They did about half the space. They had time and inclination to do more, but because of the corner where they started (and they picked that corner purposefully), they needed to stop in order not to walk on what they had already accomplished. Tomorrow the mortar will have set, and they will be able to continue on.

Then Phil cut the plinths that are meant to go over the cabinets.

But we opted to leave the cabinets plinth-free. They are just a bit too ornate, or something. We like the sheer, straight lines.

Phil kept the fire going all day today, using wood that we've had stored behind the barn. We are pleased with how long a very little wood lasts.

The boys and I spent yesterday reading through The Year of the Rat, the sequel to the book we read Saturday. And today we started the third, Dumpling Days. That is fun!

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