Friday, October 25, 2013

Drywall, Day Four

I had hopes that the last bit of drywalling would happen early in the day, so we could start taping for painting, or ... something! But we were the second project of the day, so though the third layer of mud went on, and then they sanded to sleekness, they didn't finish until almost dinner time.

Phil still had a productive day: he did some engineering. He moved the cows up to the finger, so they are easy to see and care for. He, with some help, moved the extra sheets of drywall, and the larger scraps, out of the structure and, somehow, shoe-horned them into the barn.

When the drywallers left, Phil worked late into the night to get at least one layer of parge-coating on all surfaces. I taped off outlets so we'll be that much closer to spraying paint. There are also good tasks like vacuuming all the dust (after we tried to vacuum before the sanding of drywall today, that effort was mostly wasted, as the "clean" rooms are not clean any more). We could scrape the mud and mortar off the floor, or sand down any more protruding parts of wood flooring.

We did move all the 40-pound boxes of flooring into the structure to acclimate. That's exciting!

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  1. Caleb has grown so much and changed so fast...incredible! Great to see so much progress on the building. You must all be beyond excited.