Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our First Date

Early this morning (well, early for us, so around 9am), the four older brothers headed out with the grandparents and great-grandpa for a fun day in caverns and a rope course. I think four of us had been on the verge of tears by the time they left, and Phil had a headache, but they made it off.

Shortly after that, the midwife came to do a check. I have involuted so rapidly, the midwife said she would expect me to be at six weeks post-partum, not one. That is strange (but welcome! I'm happy to wear real jeans again). Caleb has not only regained his birthweight in half the time expected, but has surpassed it by four ounces. That is amazing.

While I was relaxing inside, Phil had somehow manhandled the heavy electric line and laid it out in the trench. Most wire I've dealt with in my life has been easy to manipulate, but this stuff is almost impossible for me to bend, so I'm impressed Phil was able to do it.

When the midwife left, we headed up to town for our first real date since we moved here! Well, we once went to a grafting workshop, but that was not really a traditional "meal" date. Today we met some friends for lunch and sat and talked for three hours.

We also ordered our drywall for delivery first thing Friday morning, and the drywaller will either come Friday or Monday. It's getting close!

Phil spent the afternoon backfilling.

It's a big job.

He finished wiring the trailers, too, so he could re-cover the driveway. It will be so great to drive all the way down again.

He also wrestled 10' sections of PVC over the electric line where we might drive over it. Without knowing exactly what are plans are for that section, he figured it was better to cover the line to keep it safe.

And he finished the day backfilling the trench all the way down the driveway.

The driveway will need some new gravel now, as the orange clay covers the gravel we had.

So another good day for us all. The boys and grandparents returned after eleven hours. What an excursion for them!

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