Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Persevere in Paint

Phil was up early today to continue with primer. Meanwhile, the midwife came for a three-week checkup. Caleb is up to an even 10 pounds, and he looks and sounds good.

By the time the midwife left around 10am, Phil was done with the primer. The space is all white now.

The walls had to dry. Phil headed up to town to get some additional painting gear, and by the time he returned, the primer had dried. Before the light failed, Phil managed to get almost half the ceiling painted. It's white, so it doesn't look much different.

While I was taking advantage of the beautiful light and Caleb's cute clothes, snapping photos, Phil pointed out the cat, fast asleep on the backhoe.

That's cute, but not as cute as baby feet.

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